The Honors Student Advisory Council is a student run organization focused on serving the Honors study body. Their purpose is to:

Represent students to administration:

- Know and address student concerns
- Evaluate and give feedback on current program
- Advise administration on policy changes

Model Honors Program ideals:
- Be examples of scholarship, character and faith
- Be ambassadors for the Honors Program, BYU and the church.
- Help students understand the spirit, purpose and requirements of Honors

Build the Honors Community:
- As HSAC, model ideal Honors community; be inclusive and positive mentors
- Create a place where Honors students belong (both socially and physically; make Maeser Building the Honors home).
- Help Honors students create connections among themselves through activities and initiatives

The council meets weekly to complete leadership training, discuss initiatives, plan activities and generate content for the HSAC newsletter, website and blog.   Members of HSAC also serve as representatives of the BYU Honors Program at regional and national Honors conferences.