**Cricket, cricket**

 **Tumbleweed tumbling**

**Echo- Oh- Oh- Oh?**

Yup, this blog has been neglected for a while, and the time is [beyond] ripe for us to repent of our sinful ways and formally introduce you to your 2012-2013 Honors Student Advisory Council members.

But before we do that, we want you to know that we have had a blast working together so far this semester, and we are looking forward to involving each of you even more in the months to come. We hope you will come to Honors events and service projects, get involved on our committees, and maybe even consider writing for, or being featured on the blog (look for profiles of Freakin’ Awesome Honors students on the blog every Friday starting this week).

We are also super excited about the changes we’re implementing, like the inauguration of the Honors Representative Program, Great Works societies, and the activity board. We hope you’ll take the time to send us your feedback and suggestions for these projects or anything else relating to the Honors Program. It is our job to find ways to make a great thing better, and to be your connection to administration, but it is your ideas and input that truly generate change. Every one of you is a part of BYU’s Honors legacy!

And now on to the introductions. Better late than never… right?

meet HSAC





Photo © 2012 Sarah Kay Brimhall





Ta-da! Here we are… don’t we look friendly? (We are, and we want to meet YOU!)

Admittedly, we’re all a little bit the clichéd Honors student: overachievers with full plates and what some might consider a hearty appetite for punishment. But we, like so many of you, prefer to think of ourselves as possessing a healthy dose of enthusiasm for being challenged, and a genuine curiosity about the world around us. As it turns out, this is one of the few things that ALL of us share.

Though we are as racially and religiously homogenous as you might expect (this is BYU after all), we are about as different as people come. Between the twelve of us we represent a dozen different majors or emphases and just as many distinct minors. We hail from seven states and two countries, speak eight languages, and represent a vast spectrum of political, social, and personal convictions (not the least of which is the rather divisive issue of our respective devotion to BYU athletics).

More specifically, we are:

Trevor Anderson


Senior, Biophysics

Thesis: Comparisons and characterization of amantadine derivatives against the Influenza A Viruz M2TMD proton Channel, with Dr. David Busath


Michelle Gessel


Senior, Interdisciplinary Humanities

Thesis: From Lake Bonnevile to Rock Climbing, a History of Rock Canyon, with George Handley


Rachel Dabb


Senior, Communications: Advertising

Thesis: How nonprofit organizations tell their story


Brooke Ward

Online Publications

Senior, Communications: Public Relations

Thesis: Persuasion and the Silver screen: Mititgating ethical barriers for prosocial activism in entertainment television, with Dr. Robert Wakefield


Evan Finlay

Alumni Liason

Sophomore, Public Health


Zack Smith

Honors Representative Liason

Senior, Political Science Pre-Law

Thesis: How the Founders affect conservatives today, with Dr. Quin Monson


Jordan Baker

SAC Representative

Junior, English


Tory Anderson

Honors Advisor Liason

Senior, Linguistics

Thesis: Episodic Memory in Syntatic processing with a cognitive architecture, with Derryle Lonsdale


Brendan Coutu

Symposium Chair

Senior, Biochemistry

Thesis: Mass Spec Lipidomics, with Dr. John Prince


Katie Richards

Great Works Chair

Sophomore, History


Annie Pulpisher

Service Chair

Senior, Humanities: Environmental emphasis

Thesis: Theatrical adaptation of “San Manuel Bueno Martin”, with Gregory Stallings


Sarah Kay Brimhall

Graphic Designer

Junior, Graphic Design